Like the stitch of the tukutuku, the ink line of the ta moko or the skillful stroke of the carver’s hand, the awa weaves through the town & precinct. Two shores, two cultures travelling alongside each other, following the same course in time. Tuhono Kerikeri! celebrating 200 years standing together, weaving our future.

Tūhono Kerikeri Kororipo Heritage park festival & closing ceremony has been postponed until further notice. Kororipo Heritage Park Management Group would like to thank the community of Kerikeri for its support to the bicentennial celebrations.

In 2019-2020 New Zealand will celebrate 200 years since Hongi Hika placed his moko mark on the Deed of Sale that enabled the establishment of the Kerikeri Mission Station.

The signing of the Deed of Sale on 4 November 1819 opened the gateway to early settlement enabling the development of the thriving community that is Kerikeri today!

We are marking this important time in history with a bicentennial programme of events called Tūhono Kerikeri!  The programme included a dawn blessing and opening ceremony which took place on the 27th October 2019. 

The next significant event –   Kororipo Heritage Park Festival Day, takes place on Saturday 21st March 2020, followed by the Tūhono Kerikeri bicentennial closing ceremony on the 26th April 2020.  These events wrap around other community event initiatives that will take place during the bicentennial timeframe.

Tūhono Kerikeri!  bicentennial invites the community to become actively involved and engaged in celebrating their sense of space and place, and unity – the things that brought us together, and how we weave our whāriki foundation of cultures and values as a legacy for our future generations.



Tūhono Kerikeri!  bicentennial celebrations  run from Sunday 27th October 2019 to Sunday 26th April 2020.  If you or your group have an event in mind, or have an event taking place during this time frame that could lend itself to the bicentennial theme we would like to hear from you. 

Submissions must be received by 5pm, Friday 29th November 2019 

Click below to learn more about the type of events we are looking for that fit the Tūhono Kerikeri! theme, or contact the organisers directly using the contact form


Please note that Tūhono Kerikeri!  bicentennial does not have funds to allocate for events or activities.  However, a range of funding opportunities are available through Far North District Council and external sources that you may be able to apply for.

Click below to learn more about the available funding opportunities and information.